About us

About us

A major motivation of our research is to better understand the role of interactions between plant and soil communities in regulating the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems, and their response to global change.

We aim to develop a mechanistic and conceptual understanding of how:

  1. plant species and their traits influence soil biodiversity and ecosystem processes;
  2. soil biodiversity influences nutrient cycling and plant community dynamics;
  3. these interactions are affected by, and can potentially mitigate, climate change.

We also apply these concepts to the development of sustainable management options for agriculture, biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services, especially carbon sequestration and efficient nutrient cycling. The Soil and Ecosystem Ecology Group recently moved form Lancaster to Manchester, and is supported by funds from NERC, BBSRC, the Royal Society, the British Ecological Society, the EU, and Defra. We welcome enquiries from those interested in joining the group.

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