The Soil and Ecosystem Ecology Laboratory was established in 2013 in the Faculty of Life Sciences (now Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health), The University of Manchester, and includes newly purchased, state of the art facilities for analysis of a range of nutrients, greenhouse gases, root traits, soil physical and chemical properties, and microbial community composition and diversity in soil.

Extensive plant growth facilities are available at Firs Field Station, which is about two miles from the main University campus, and a range of controlled environment chambers are also available with the Faculty.

The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health has an unrivalled range of analytical facilities that are available to all staff and students. All facilities are maintained by dedicated and highly trained staff, and include state-of-the-art facilities for genomics, bioinformatics and bioimaging.

Facilities – right hand column

Surface-water-gley developed in glacial till, Northern Ireland. Reproduced with kind permission of HolgerK, Wikipedia.